The Noisiest Workplaces

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There are many jobs around the world which pose a danger to the worker. While many people understand and fear the potential for bodily harm, there is also another form of harm which can occur: hearing damage. There are extremely noisy jobs which can result in hearing impairment that can be permanent in many cases. This article will examine the noisiest jobs that the world has to offer and show why they can be so detrimental to a person’s hearing.

Concert Security

These individuals are the people that prevent crowd surfing and people from rushing the stage during a concert. Since they are so close to the barriers, it also means that they are right next to the speakers throughout the concert. This can cause permanent hearing loss for those who do not have proper hearing protection, as each blast can produce high amounts of decibels that can cause in workers.


While it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, being in the military also comes with the downside of being one of the worst for your hearing. Between the firing of guns and artillery pieces and being next to or inside of noisy machinery for hours at a time, there are many risks to hearing health. To make matters worse, people on the front lines cannot often afford to have hearing protection in while in combat or they will not be able to hear orders.

Mining Operations

Pulling metals and precious stones from the earth has been one of the most valuable jobs for industry over the last few centuries. The improvement from pickaxes to explosives and machines did not do much to help the miners become safer from hearing damage. Also, since they are underground there is less area for the sound to disperse, which can also lead to higher amounts of hearing loss overall.


Farming is an absolutely crucial part of living in the modern world. While some may picture farmers with a hoe and a bag of seeds, most farms are driven by machines. These planters and harvesters require long hours of operation to ensure that the job is done properly, but this puts the operator in severe danger of having their hearing affected.

Working In A Dancing Club

Most people who go out for a night of fun on the town come away with a slight buzzing in their ears from the throbbing music. However, for people that work in these buildings five nights a week, hearing loss can be a very real threat. The loud music and people screaming all night can take its toll, and there is generally no way to wear hearing protection in such a service-diven industry.

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