Costco vs an HIS – Hearing Aid Quality and Service Comparison

Contra Costa Hearing Blog

There has been a very serious change in the way that people approach getting their health care. Where people used to go to a doctor in order to get the best and most comprehensive treatment, they are now beginning to take matters into their hands and go to box stores like Costco. While these stores are convenient for most people, the simple fact is that they are inferior in just about every way to a good Hearing Instrument Specialist. Here we will examine three reasons why you should only ever go to a professional hearing worker.

They Give Professional Care

While it would be difficult to convince some, most people understand that an HIS is a real doctor and the person manning the kiosk at Walmart is not. This means that every time you go to a box store for medical care, you are not receiving the benefit of years of training that an HIS has gone through.

An HIS is an important factor in your hearing health because they are trained to identify the causes of your hearing loss. This means that they can look into your ear and see if you would benefit more from surgery or a hearing device. The individuals at a box store will simply sell you a hearing aid without any consideration for your overall well being.

Cost Efficiency

Another aspect of the reasons that you should not go to anyone buy an HIS for hearing health is cost. While the temptation is real for people to go into a box store and get low prices while shopping for clothes, it is all a ploy to get you into the store. Once you are in there, new charges will come about for just about everything from the fitting to the consultation, even if they are not doctors.

When you go to an HIS, though, they will be able to hash out all of the different costs and how they can affect your choices. You can even seek the help of your insurance company in paying the bills, something that many stores will not allow you to do. This will reduce the overall amount of out of pocket money that you need to spend.

The Best Products

The final reason that you should only go to an HIS for all of your hearing health needs is that they have access to the latest technological advances that can bolster your hearing. Sure, the big box stores have the ability to procure some of the same items, but they are not trained to adjust them to meet your hearing needs. That can be the difference between getting high quality hearing, or just a louder, interference-ridden hearing device.

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