10 Ways Good Hearing can Help Keep Seniors Young

Contra Costa Hearing Blog

One of the greatest ways to keep yourself involved in everyday life as you age is by having good hearing. Not only does it come with a variety of health benefits, but it is also a key factor in keeping your spirits high in what can be a tumultuous period of time. That is why we are looking at ten of the greatest benefits of having good hearing as you age.

1. Easier communications in your daily life. Being able to chat up the mail man on a slow day can really keep you happy and confident, and you can enjoy this sliver of life by maintaining good hearing.

2. Another good reason to keep your hearing healthy is because it increases blood flow to your ears. This keeps more bacteria and virus fighting anti-bodies in the area, preventing major illnesses from taking root.

3. You will experience fewer hospitalizations. When you look at the major reasons for ER visits, not hearing someone clattering down the aisle at the store or the cat running between your legs ranks high, and with good hearing you can remain safe.

4. The National Institute on Aging has released a study that shows that people with good hearing are much less likely to suffer from dementia. Keep your mind at ease and your wits sharp by monitoring your hearing.

5. You will be able to have a boosted level of confidence if you can go to public engagements and remain the life of the party. People who have lesser hearing abilities tend to shy away from these engagements, and their socio-emotional lives suffer.

6. If you are among the millions of seniors going back to school, then good hearing can mean the difference between passing and coming away with a new understanding of the material.

7. People who hear better are proven to be offered more chances at workplace advancement. Being able to follow instructions and act in a decisive manner are all qualities that leaders look for in their valued workers.

8. If you are looking for a large boost in your social life, then good hearing is the key. Talking to old and new friends, and even communicating with your significant other are key ways to remain young in body and spirit. It has even been shown to be the key to a better sexual and emotional lifestyle.

9. One of the greatest problems facing people who are hearing impaired is that they cannot hear emergency noises and alarms. As a result they risk hurting themselves or first responders on the way to another incident. Good hearing means that you can hear and understand the risk facing you in emergencies.

10. The greatest danger to seniors in their own home is falling. Having an auditory acuity that leaves something to be desired puts you at risk for falling in your home. That is why it is important to keep your hearing health in tip-top shape, so that you are at less of a risk of toppling!


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