Foods that can Prevent Hearing Loss – and Hearing Aids

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You now have much greater control over your hearing health than you ever thought possible. While most people know that the first key to protecting your hearing into your senior years involved shielding them from physical damage, it now appears that another methods of protecting your hearing can be achieved through proper diet. Certain foods will give you a much better chance of protecting your long term hearing. We will take a look at many of these foods in this article and show how they are significant to your hearing health.

Dark Chocolate

The best way that you can go about protecting your hearing health is by consuming some dark chocolate. Not only is it a tasty option that will not make you shy away, but it is also comes packed with zinc, a key component to your health. Zinc can help your body recover from hearing losses more quickly than before, preventing the next round of sound from causing permanent hearing loss.


One of the best fruits that you can eat for your overall health is a banana. They are packed full of vitamins that will help your overall health, but their true ability to affect your hearing health is that they contain so much magnesium. This element is integral to allowing your ears to build up a resistance to sound damage that you will incur throughout your life.


Another one of the best foods that you can eat to prevent hearing losses throughout your life is fish. You can eat tuna, trout, or even salmon and get the benefits that come along with getting Omega-3 fatty acids in to your body. These acids help to keep your heart beating efficiently, which is important for your body’s health, but also for your hearing because one of the major causes of hearing loss is nutrient deprivation to the ears.

Citrus Fruits Are Tasty As Well

Oranges, limes, and lemons are also a great way to go about protecting your hearing health through your diet. These particular fruits are loaded with all different manner of vitamins that will prevent your body from suffering from different forms of infections. The fewer infections that you suffer throughout your life the less chance that they have to spread to your ears and cause damage. This is a significant and often understated risk.

Do Not Forget Your Vegetables

One of the most important foods that you can eat to prevent hearing loss well into old age is vegetables. They come with all of the benefits of vitamins and nutrients, but also can reduce the amount of free radicals that inhabit your body system, lowering the chances for cancer and other major illnesses that can reduce your ability to hear.

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