“Mr. Hill, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the help that your office provided to my father, and just to let you know the difference that the service makes in people’s lives. My dad had worn hearing aids for over fifty years, much of this time he could hear but not well. With the hearing aid that you provided him, he could hear normal conversations, he could even hear telephone conversations. In fact, when family and friends would come over, I would have to ask them not to yell because he could hear just fine now.

The difference that your digital technology made was no less than amazing. As you know my father died less than a year after receiving his new hearing aid. I just want you to know as a result of his new aid, he was able to hear and enjoy conversation with his family and friends. I only wish that we had come to you years ago.”

– Sammy B., Client’s Loved One

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