“From the moment you walk into the reception area and are welcomed by the receptionist  (and assured of a brief wait), you can sit and browse literature on the various hearing aids offered there, AND enjoy some delicious Ghiradelli chocolates from a bowl within reach. Toby Hill, the Hearing Instrument Specialist, greets you with a smile and a handshake and invites you into his office.

My experience with hearing aids has been one in which I resisted the idea of them and the stigma about how they’d look, etc. Toby’s testing procedures are comfortable and thorough and we discussed all the options. I decided on the in-ear canal type devices and am thrilled with the results.

I’ve been back for regularly scheduled follow-up visits. He’ll tune-up your plugs for you once you explain how your hearing has adjusted. They’ll even send you a card on your birthday with a coupon good for a free set of batteries! It’s almost like we’re neighbors!”

– Donald G., Client

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